Sunday, February 8, 2009

brainstorming ii

"What's outrageous is the economic stimulus plan."
"Mine is a little underripe."
"No, I did not know these were real. Yes, things may have turned out differently."

I'm having writer's block, and, perhaps not unrelatedly, I'm in really low spirits this week. But I don't think this is all my fault: the artwork in question, by the inveterate ament Paul Noth, is particularly confusing, with one character's legs apparently melting into the boat and both characters in completely implausible shirts--some sort of sleeveless button-down. And is the boat on water or on sand? If Mr. Noth had a specific intention, he was completely inept at conveying it. Furthermore, I am puzzled by the presence of some sort of dartboard in the distance.

I think I'll just take this week off to sort some things out.


  1. "Look me in the fucking face when I talk to you."

  2. "Was the pool here when you bought the house?"

  3. the final candidates for this week are incredibly dumb, much like this cartoon (i thought your #2 was more promising than any of them). and good to know that i taught you what is apparently still your favorite insult :)